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We are looking for people to share inspirational stories of how people are living with having to registered as a sex offender or those living with a registered sex offender. Please submit your story and help others find hope.

My mistake that my FAMILY pays for!

Author: A Father,A Husband,A Brother and A Son Story

I was 18 young dumb and spiraling out of control. My girl friend at the time was 17.We both came from broken homes and were doing drugs.The funny thing is that I never did them before dating her. Me and her had been typical young boy friend girl friend since we were in jr high. We were fighting one night when we were by ourselves. She had cheated on me in our so called relationship. I told her to leave that night. When I did she told me how she had been giving my best friend oral and intercourse. That she had given oral for rides and other favors. I said to who? She replied real smart any one that’s willing to give me something I want. I began yelling at her telling her to leave, cursing and violently pushing her towards the door. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I banged on it. No response. I walked away to get my phone. I had enough and was going to call the cops. I began telling her I was going to call the cops. Then she pushed some more. She had some pictures of her and someone having intercourse on her phone and sent them to me from in there. I pushed the door open and grabbed her. I use to carry a knife on my belt. I pulled it out and said since she liked being a whore why don’t you be a whore with me. I yelled and told her she was disgusting and to get out(was not requesting but demanding). She left and called the cops. I was picked up that night. I want to start by saying that what I did was wrong. I have grown a lot. I use to blame her. I don’t any more. I had my actions that I did. I never touched her besides pushing her to leave and grabbing her in the bathroom. I never even wanted to have sex with her in that moment. I wanted to scare her. I was charged with a 3-307(a)Third degree sex offense(threat of force with a weapon). I am very remorseful of what I have done. It is my only criminal charge ever. I am a registered sex offender for the rest of my life. I have no restrictions on kids. Thank God because I have two kids now and a wife. They are my world. I have vowed my whole life to giving them the life I never had. My kids pay the price for my mistake I made out of anger. It breaks me down on a regular basis thinking of it. I own my mistake and it was horrible but I don’t think I should be on a sex offender registry for the rest of my life. I pray to God that one day we find peace. I do understand the need for law enforcement to keep track of offenders. Like I said I am a father. I guess I know in my heart that my threat was that of a idle threat. I am not a threat to any one. I know I shouldn’t be on the list. But how do you get the people to believe me. I never will. I made a mistake did my punishment(probation) and still will spend the rest of my life paying for it. I just wanted to say my story and will most likely never check on it again. I pray every day for my family’s peace, my ex girlfriends peace and my peace.

What’s Left?

Author: Mike

In 1994 I plea bargained to a 2 to 4 year sentence for sexual abuse in the 1st degree. My victim was my cousin who at the time was 16 years old, and I was 19yrs old. We both were very confused about the feelings we were having for each other hence the term kissing cousins. There was a time when we were alone and we began touching each other in ways a married couple does. In no way at all did we ever have intercourse, but the fact remains we were violating the rules and values of family lines that should never be crossed. After we stopped our rush of feelings from going any further, we acted like what we did was acceptable and went on. My cousin was from a very violent family who did not like their current living conditions. My belief is that they knew about me and my cousins and conspired a way to change it. Three months after our embrace I received a call from a detective who said I needed to come down to the precinct and answer some questions. When I got there they informed me that I was being charged with the rape of my cousin. I was in total shock and disbelief. Yes I admit to the touching and consensual kissing that we did but not rape at all. I was cohered after 6 hours of interrogation by NYPD’s finest to committing the offense of sexual abuse in the first degree. My cousin and her entire family was relocated to a brand new apartment courtesy of me and victim services. Since then having to be registered as a sexual offender with my name, address and photo available to anyone with a computer and a vigilante mind can continue the abuse of me forever. Why should I be put in the same category as violent sexual lifetime offenders when I’m not? Why should I be denied the basic human right of being able to keep a job without being stopped by my offense? Why should I not be able to pick up my daughter from day care because I’m an offender? I am forced to look behind me every day with the fear of someone who has just viewed my profile online? In short I just would like to live my life without being prosecuted forever. Megan’s law makes no distinction between violent sexual offenders and those who committed a tragic minor offense.

Raw Deal

Author: Roman

My story starts in Norfolk, Nebraska in June of 2009. My lease with John Christner Trucking was terminated on June 12, and so I returned to Omaha, Nebraska to be with my second wife. She wanted me to get off the road and to be with her. I didn’t really want to be with her because she was unwilling to deal with certain issues in her life, so we divorced, and I made my way to Norfolk (for the third time) and got hired on with a trucking outfit that is owned by a close friend of mine. Another friend wanted to set me up with a young woman she knew. I agreed to provide her with my phone number, and about a week later, this girl contacted me. She was 38 years of age. We talked on the phone for several weeks, and about a week before I met this girl in person, I met with her mother. Everything seemed honest enough, and so I met the girl in person on August 1, 2009. We seemed to hit it off right off the bat.
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Follow Your Dreams

Author: Jose

Hello my name is Jose and in 1998 I was arrested for having inappropriate sexual contact with a minor. In 1999, I was arrested and convicted of first degree attempted sexual abuse. I was labeled a level 2 sex offender in the state of New York. I will remain on the sex offender registry in my state for life. I lost a great job with benefits and a pension. I lost my house in a foreclosure and had 2 cars repossessed. I was also homeless for a brief period of time.

In 2002, after some help from a very close friend, I decided to enroll in college. In 2006, I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Management, graduating Magna Cum Laude. In 2008, I earned a Master of Business Administration Degree in General Management. In 2009, I became a Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher. I am a published author of my autobiography entitled: Poverty and Me.
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Blessed but Still Struggling

Author: Double D
I have been a blessed guy. After committing a sexual offense and spending a lengthy time incarcerated I was released and thankfully had a few people whom provided an opportunity for a place to work and a place to live. There were, of course, difficulties and troubles, but things for the most part have been good. I am now proud to say that this once janitor on parole in the span of two years is working on salary in the same company that gave me a chance when others did not. More a testimony to that company than to me I can assure you.

I would like to think that my story would inspire others: a kid who was sexually abused, who grew up in a divorced family and raised by a mother who was addicted. A gay kid scared to death of this fact and hid behind religion, education and many things to avoid it. Someone who did horrible things, spent a long time in jail, came out with all the odds stacked against him; no money, no history in a community, no real skills. In would like to think that where I am now in spite of all of those things would inspire people to not let their circumstances define them. To say, “Wow! If he can do it so can I! ” but what I am finding is that no one can look at the broad view of it. They only see the label of sex offender and that is it. They even think that I am not worthy of what I have attained. People would prefer a beaten down sad version of me, that any success they feel is at best charity and certainly not worthy of me.
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