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Finding the help and support one needs can be a difficult thing, especially when one has to registered as a sex offender. That is why we created this website. To help those that most people do not want anything to do with. This website has been set up to help registered sex offender and/or their family and friends find the resources they need. We believe that people desire a second chance and we hope that this resource website can help other accomplish just that, a second chance at life.

This website has been broken down into several different sections. Below is a list of each section as well as a short description of each.

If you know of a resource that is missing, please contact us and let us know so we can share it with other visitors to this website.

  • National Sex Offender List – A list of resources for sex offenders that are nation wide. This section includes, but not limited to the following topics: US Government websites and Resources, Support and Counseling Internet Sexual Problems, Juvenile Resources, Family Resources, Facts and Figures, and Reforming Sex Offender Laws.
  • State Sex Offender List – A list of US states. On each individual state page, you can find information that relates to just that state, such as: State Registration and Laws, Support and Counseling, Family Resources, and Other Resources.
  • Sex Offender Employment Resources – Tips on how to find employment if you are a registered sex offender.
  • Sex Offender Housing Resources – Tips to finding housing when you are a registered sex offender.
  • Sex Offender Relapse Prevention Plan Guide – A guide on how to write a relapse prevention plan so that a registered sex offender may live the rest of their life victim free.
  • Books – A wide range of books related to issues many sex offenders have experienced in their lives. There are also guides on how to treat sex offenders and books that may help a family member better understand how to deal with living with a registered sex offender.

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