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Sex Offender Resource has been designed to provide the maximum amount of resources for those required to register, those that care about individuals whom are required to register and for those looking to assist individuals required to register. In addition to these goals, it is also a hope of the developer of this website to help those that may have deviant thoughts or actions find the help they need prior to committing an action that will harm another human being.

The developer of this website and those that assist with the website are not here to judge anyone. Our focus is to provide the maximum number of resources to anyone seeking information on living a life that is meaningful, focused on doing the right thing and giving back to their community to make amends for their past actions. We are here to find support and a understanding for loved ones of those required to register as sex offenders.

The resources on this website are here to provide information that can provide assistance to any individual required to register as a sex offender and for those helping someone that is required to register. The individuals we are seeking to help include, but not limited to those required to register, a family member of a person required to register, friend/co-worker/community leader looking to assist someone that is required to register, or a state employee looking for assistance in improving the life of someone that is required to register.

The developer of this website decide when the site was started to have this website neutral on any issues related to the registration or any laws related to sex offenders. Each state listing may include but not limited to links to that state’s registration, information on laws, counseling opinions, support resources, job placement assistance, housing assistance, and for organizations working to change the laws regarding who or if someone has to register. The developer of this website along with any individuals that assist with the Sex Offender Resource website do not endorse any resources listed on this website and any opinions offered by any of these individuals are their own and may not be the opinion of all that assist with Sex Offender Resource website.

Links to Registrations

We have received several emails asking why we provide links to state registration websites. The answer is this website developer for the best of his ability tries to remain neutral on this website on his feelings requiring who/when/how/if a person should be listed on the registration. Each state is required by federal law to provide a website that list all individuals in that state that are on it’s sex offender registration. Some states provide more information than others about an individual on the registration as well as provide information about changes in the laws one that is required to register must follow when on the registration. Some of these website can be used as resources for finding housing or employment. The developer of this website has no knowledge of upcoming changes to any state registration website, but it is possible that a state may make an effort to provide better resources for those required to register (such as better explanations of the laws or state approved counseling options).

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