What’s Left?

Author: Mike

In 1994 I plea bargained to a 2 to 4 year sentence for sexual abuse in the 1st degree. My victim was my cousin who at the time was 16 years old, and I was 19yrs old. We both were very confused about the feelings we were having for each other hence the term kissing cousins. There was a time when we were alone and we began touching each other in ways a married couple does. In no way at all did we ever have intercourse, but the fact remains we were violating the rules and values of family lines that should never be crossed. After we stopped our rush of feelings from going any further, we acted like what we did was acceptable and went on. My cousin was from a very violent family who did not like their current living conditions. My belief is that they knew about me and my cousins and conspired a way to change it. Three months after our embrace I received a call from a detective who said I needed to come down to the precinct and answer some questions. When I got there they informed me that I was being charged with the rape of my cousin. I was in total shock and disbelief. Yes I admit to the touching and consensual kissing that we did but not rape at all. I was cohered after 6 hours of interrogation by NYPD’s finest to committing the offense of sexual abuse in the first degree. My cousin and her entire family was relocated to a brand new apartment courtesy of me and victim services. Since then having to be registered as a sexual offender with my name, address and photo available to anyone with a computer and a vigilante mind can continue the abuse of me forever. Why should I be put in the same category as violent sexual lifetime offenders when I’m not? Why should I be denied the basic human right of being able to keep a job without being stopped by my offense? Why should I not be able to pick up my daughter from day care because I’m an offender? I am forced to look behind me every day with the fear of someone who has just viewed my profile online? In short I just would like to live my life without being prosecuted forever. Megan’s law makes no distinction between violent sexual offenders and those who committed a tragic minor offense.

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