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State Register & Laws

Counseling Options

  • Glencairn Marriage & Family Therapy Center Inc. – Glencairn Marriage & Family Therapy Center Inc. offers treatment to adolescent and adult sex offenders who have been court ordered into treatment. They are located in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Lighthouse Counseling Services, Inc. – Lighthouse Counseling Services, Inc. is a private, service-oriented practice that seeks to guide its clients through life’s challenges by providing a wide range of counseling from a Christian perspective, including sexual offender issues. Located in Beaver Dam.
  • Transformations LLC – Has on their staff a certified juvenile sex offender treatment provider. Serving Eastern and southern Jefferson County, Bullitt, Shelby and Oldham Counties.
  • Rose Geiser – Rose Geiser is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in individual, couples, children and family therapy including military families, who maintains a private practice in Shepherdsville, KY. With over 25 years experience as a marriage and family therapist she is currently serving as private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. Among her areas of expertise are Post Divorce Parenting Conflict, Parenting Skills for parents of children with ADHD and Asberger’s Syndrome, PTSD from sexual, emotional and physical abuse, Sexual Addictions, Adolescent and Adult Sex Offfending.
  • Necco – We provide counseling services in a comfortable and confidential setting, geared to help individuals and families reach their goals through a range of modalities. Provides counseling services for juveniles. Multiple locations throughout Kentucky.
  • Sunrise Children’s Services/Crossroads Treatment Center – This specialized program provides therapeutic services for young men who have been victims of sexual abuse or perpetrators of sexual abuse, and/or are sexually acting out. Please send referrals to Sunrise’s Central Intake Department. Multiple locations across Kentucky.
  • Sex Therapy Therapists in Kentucky – Help with sex therapy in Kentucky (KY) or for a Kentucky (KY) sex therapist these professionals provide sex therapy, sex psychotherapy, sex therapy counseling and sex offender therapy and Kentucky (KY) sex offender Therapist. They include sex therapists, sex psychologists, sex psychotherapists and sex counselors.

Legal Services

The law offices listed below can assist with dealing with a sexual crime defense,removing your name from the registration (if possible by law), divorce or child custody battle. They can also assist with other legal matters you may have.

  • Dickman Law Offices, P.S.C – At Dickman Law Offices, P.S.C, our attorneys protect the rights of people accused of sex crimes in Kentucky and Ohio. Under the United States Constitution, every individual is entitled to a competent legal defense regardless of the type or level of charges filed against you. Each person is innocent until proven guilty. You cannot be proven guilty until evidence shows guilt beyond “a shadow of a doubt” that you committed a crime. Dickman Law challenges the prosecution, thoroughly investigates the evidence, develops a compelling argument and advocates for you before judge and jury. Located in Convington.
  • David S. Mejia – Defending Individuals Charged with Sex Offenses. Being accused of a sex offense is extremely serious. Society condemns sex crimes more than any other. Judges and prosecutors generally take a stricter and more harsh approach when dealing with individuals accused of a sex crime. Conviction of a sex crime can result in mandatory life-time registration as a sex offender. . Located in Louisville.
  • James E. Bruce, Jr., Attorney at Law – At the law firm of James E. Bruce, Jr., Attorney at Law, we have more than 30 years of experience representing people facing criminal charges in Hopkinsville and the surrounding parts of Kentucky, including military personnel at Fort Campbell Army Base. Few charges have a more devastating impact than sex crime charges. You need help. We can help. That is what we do. Located in Hopkinsville.
  • Greta Hoffman & Associates – Being arrested for a sex crime can be a humiliating experience, but hiding from the embarrassment won’t make the offense go away. With lifetime registration as a sex offender facing you if convicted, it is critical that you get with an attorney and see what options you may have to get the charges reduced or dismissed, negotiate a plea that leads to an acceptable result, or fight the charges in court. In Florence and throughout northern Kentucky, Greta Hoffman & Associates can provide you with sound, practical advice and strong, effective legal representation to help you attain the best results possible. Located in Florence.

Other Resources

  • Kentucky Citizens For Reform – To advocate for research-based programs and policies to replace the current registry scheme with more effective measures to protect our children and our communities.
  • Kentucky Senate – Find out who your state senator is and ways to contact him/her.
  • Kentucky House of Representatives– Find out who your state House of Representative is and ways to contact him/her.
  • Kentucky Governor – Find out who your state’s governor is and how to contact him/her.

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