My mistake that my FAMILY pays for!

Author: A Father,A Husband,A Brother and A Son Story

I was 18 young dumb and spiraling out of control. My girl friend at the time was 17.We both came from broken homes and were doing drugs.The funny thing is that I never did them before dating her. Me and her had been typical young boy friend girl friend since we were in jr high. We were fighting one night when we were by ourselves. She had cheated on me in our so called relationship. I told her to leave that night. When I did she told me how she had been giving my best friend oral and intercourse. That she had given oral for rides and other favors. I said to who? She replied real smart any one that’s willing to give me something I want. I began yelling at her telling her to leave, cursing and violently pushing her towards the door. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I banged on it. No response. I walked away to get my phone. I had enough and was going to call the cops. I began telling her I was going to call the cops. Then she pushed some more. She had some pictures of her and someone having intercourse on her phone and sent them to me from in there. I pushed the door open and grabbed her. I use to carry a knife on my belt. I pulled it out and said since she liked being a whore why don’t you be a whore with me. I yelled and told her she was disgusting and to get out(was not requesting but demanding). She left and called the cops. I was picked up that night. I want to start by saying that what I did was wrong. I have grown a lot. I use to blame her. I don’t any more. I had my actions that I did. I never touched her besides pushing her to leave and grabbing her in the bathroom. I never even wanted to have sex with her in that moment. I wanted to scare her. I was charged with a 3-307(a)Third degree sex offense(threat of force with a weapon). I am very remorseful of what I have done. It is my only criminal charge ever. I am a registered sex offender for the rest of my life. I have no restrictions on kids. Thank God because I have two kids now and a wife. They are my world. I have vowed my whole life to giving them the life I never had. My kids pay the price for my mistake I made out of anger. It breaks me down on a regular basis thinking of it. I own my mistake and it was horrible but I don’t think I should be on a sex offender registry for the rest of my life. I pray to God that one day we find peace. I do understand the need for law enforcement to keep track of offenders. Like I said I am a father. I guess I know in my heart that my threat was that of a idle threat. I am not a threat to any one. I know I shouldn’t be on the list. But how do you get the people to believe me. I never will. I made a mistake did my punishment(probation) and still will spend the rest of my life paying for it. I just wanted to say my story and will most likely never check on it again. I pray every day for my family’s peace, my ex girlfriends peace and my peace.

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