Unable to Live in Peace

Author: Patricia C.

I have married a man who was convicted of a sex offense 13 years ago. He has had no other offenses since this time. He did have sex with a minor, it was consentual, but because of the age he was convicted. He has had his 10 years on the Iowa Registry and is no longer required to register. After I married him DHS came in my life and took my two kids away from me, they are living with their father and I am fighting for their return. DHS claims they are worried about the kids coming home to me because my husband had committed this crime 13 years ago. I do not feel my kids are at risk because my husband has not had any cases against him or committed a crime since that time. I just want my family back. I love my kids very much and do not feel my family should be punished because of one thing many years ago. Where is the justice and why can’t a sex offender live in peace after he has served his time and paid his debt to society? I just want to live the normal, American dream.

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