Still Hopeful

Author: Ray Ritchie

A little over 15 years ago, I went thought a difficult divorce.

My ex-wife, called the police, along with other things she kept trying to get me in trouble with the law, said I had an interest in some of the boys she babysat for.

The police investigated these boys,and told them nothing happened, that I never touched them in any sexual manner.

One of my ex-wife’s friends had a son I watched only once so they could go out one evening when we were married. She and her friend went out leaving me with her 8 yo son, and my daughter, about the same age.

Some time latter, this boy, now 16, got caught masturbating in class, while in school.

While waiting to see the Principal he so called remembered that I should him something. What I showed him I still don’t know.

I was charged in time and arrested for touching this boy.

I was offered probation, but rather took it to trial. Yep, you guessed it, I was found guilty of touching this boy through his clothes in his private area. He sat on the stand and was even asked if I touched his penis, he answered no, but yet I was still found guilty.

I have been out of prison more than 9 years now. I have found work in the fast food industry, even tho I spent 18 years in manufacturing, and spent about one and a half years in college for industrial manufacturing.

I have been fired 3 times since getting out and working in fast food. I won’t mention what ones, since they are about the same.

I worked hard, and was a manager running the store and shifts on a day to day bases. The reasons I have gotten fired is that one company implemented a sex offender policy after I had worked for them a while, I continued working 3 more years until I was fired for this policy. I didn’t know about this policy, nor did they bother to tell me at the time. I was able to win my unemployment case against them, since they knew about my crime prior to hiring me.

Now this last Saturday, it happened again when a customer called and said they seen me on a sex offender web sight.

I also was truthful at my interview this same month, just one year later.

Seems like everything go well for a time, but as soon as someone says the sex offender word, everyone gets crazed, and I get fired.

I’ll never work for a fast food company again.

I have also had to seek mental health counseling from all the issues I have had to deal with.  I tried to kill myself 5 years ago because of the depression I have had.

I don’t know what will happen this time, but I know I will continue counseling, so I don’t go backwards. I want to go forward in life, and thought when I was released from prison, that the worst was over, but I found out that the struggles just began.

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