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The links below are to websites that offer information related to Massachusetts sex offense laws, statistics and other related topics. All website listed below provided information only for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The resources below are listed in no particular order. If you know of any other resources that should be added to the Massachusetts sex offender resource list, please contact us and let us know.

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State Register & Laws

Counseling Options

  • Stop It Now! – Stop It Now! reaches out to adults who are concerned about their own or others sexualized behavior toward children. They are located in Northampton, Massachusetts.
  • Dr. Leonard Bard – Dr. Leonard Bard provides sex offender registry board evaluations. He is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and is located in Needham, Massachusetts.
  • Psychological Consulting Services – Psychological Consulting Services specializing in forensic and clinical services. They provide sex offender registry board evaluations and are located in Saleem, Massachusetts.
  • Institute for Sexual Wellness – Dr. Renee Sorrentino, a board certified forensic psychiatrist specializes in treatment of sex offenders. She has an office in Weymouth, MA and practices across the state.
  • The Massachusetts Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, Inc. – The Massachusetts Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, Inc. (MATSA) is a non-profit local chapter of the national parent organization (ATSA). ATSA remains dedicated to principles that foster research and information exchange, further professional education, and advance professional standards and practice in the field of sex offender evaluation and treatment.
  • Massachusetts Adolescent Sex Offender Coalition – MASOC is a coalition of professionals committed to stopping sexual abuse through early and specialized intervention, assessment, treatment and management in the lives of sexually abusive children and youth.
  • Stevens Treatment Programs – Stevens Treatment Programs is a private, non-profit corporation, operating a continuum of therapeutic residential programs as well as community and home-based transitional services. Stevens serves youth with behavioral and emotional problems that present serious treatment concerns. Located in Swansea.
  • The Counseling & Psychotherapy Center Inc. – The Counseling & Psychotherapy Center Inc. offers a variety of specialized sex offender treatment programs throughout Massachusetts. We treat Juvenile, Transitional Aged Youths/young adults(18-25 years old) and Adult sex offenders in different settings from secure institutions to community based outpatient treatment sites. To view a list of locations in Massachusetts, click on your state’s name under List of Service Areas.
  • Sex Therapy Treatment Centers in Massachusetts – Help with sex therapy in Massachusetts (MA) or for a Massachusetts (MA) sex therapist these professionals provide sex therapy, sex psychotherapy, sex therapy counseling and sex offender therapy and Massachusetts (MA) sex offender Therapist. They include sex therapists, sex psychologists, sex psychotherapists and sex counselors.
  • Applied Behavioral Consultants, LLC – Applied Behavioral Consultants, LLC under the leadership of Dr. Joe Plaud provides assessment and treatment services in forensic clinical psychology, specializing in behavioral and physiological risk assessments involving sexual behavior in both criminal and civil contexts, as well as sexual offender registration risk evaluations, and consultation in other areas of clinical and forensic psychology.
  • New England Forensic Associates – NEFA is a nationally recognized center for the evaluation and treatment of problematic sexual behavior. Our forensic psychology and counseling practice provides a wide array of clinical, therapeutic, evaluation, and risk assessment services in a culturally-competent and individually-sensitive manner. Our programs include individual, couple, and group treatment for both adults and adolescents at our Arlington, Massachusetts

Legal Services

The law offices listed below can assist with dealing with a sexual crime defense,removing your name from the registration (if possible by law), divorce or child custody battle. They can also assist with other legal matters you may have.

  • Law Offices of Kate Frame – In addition to her experience as a trial attorney, Kate Frame has served as a senior trial prosecutor in Middlesex County and as a Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) member. As a Board Member and Hearing Examiner at the SORB, she has presided at hundreds of classification hearings to decide at what level those convicted of sex offenses should be classified. These roles have given her a perspective that many Boston attorneys lack. She understands the inner workings of both the criminal and administrative aspects of a sex crime case and has unique insight into the perspective of the decision-makers in your case. Located in Salem.
  • Geoffrey G. Nathan Law Office – If you’ve been convicted of a sex offense and feel your status should be reclassified or terminated, please contact Geoffrey G. Nathan Law Office. He has a dedicated specialist who devotes his time to sex crime law and who can remove or reclassify your sex offense status. Located in Boston.
  • David H. Erickson, Attorney at Law – Attorney Erickson has been successful in reducing classification levels at SORB hearings and obtaining new successful classification hearings on appeal. Located in Acton.
  • Law Firm of Sweeney and Associates, LLC – At the law firm of Sweeney and Associates, LLC, in Quincy, Massachusetts, we have extensive experience with sex crimes cases and sex offender registration hearings. We understand the problems associated with sex offender registration, and we provide our clients with clear answers to important questions about their cases. Below are frequently asked questions about sex offender registration.

Other Resources

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